Cross Necklaces For Women From Smythe JewelleryAre you interested in purchasing a cross necklace from an online store? Are you aware of the number of online jewellery shops that pass off fake jewellery as real? The sad part is that most people, in an attempt to save money, end up purchasing fake jewellery. In most instances, they cannot take legal action, even if they make their purchase from a store registered in their country, because it is nearly impossible to trace the owner who might be residing in a different country.

Do not take any risk

Instead of risking your hard earned money with just any store, try instead. We have won the faith and earned the loyalty of our customers. To be honest, our valued clients always refer us whenever their friends and relatives ask them about details of a trustworthy jewellery shop.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

What are cross necklaces?

They are necklaces featuring a crucifix or a Christian cross, worn by Christians as well as people of different religions. People purchase them as gifts for rites such as confirmation and baptism. One can trace back the usage of such necklaces to the second century. Their popularity increased during the sixth century, when Christians wore them to show their devotion to Christ. Available in different sizes, the Christian cross necklace of those days were made of precious metal such as silver, gold, and platinum, and were adorned with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Faith and fashion

People often believe that only those who want to display their faith and spirituality wear a cross necklace. However, this is not true. On the one hand, people from all over the world wear necklaces bearing this crucifix shaped pendant as a fashion statement, including those who are not religious minded. On the other hand, those who have faith in the Lord wear it to protect them against unforeseen dangers and to protect them against evil spirits. Religion apart, people nowadays prefer wearing such necklaces because they are a great accessory for any outfit. However, potential buyers often face problems in choosing an appropriate online store for purchasing their requirements.

Points to ponder before you purchase

The net is full of stores that sell fake jewellery. If you are not careful, you might end up paying for a silver chain and receiving one made of stainless steel or other metal. The sellers of these fake chains electroplate them with a fine layer of silver to deceive their clients. By the time the upper layer corrodes to reveal the base metal, it is too late. You should always check for the following points before purchasing cross necklaces from online stores. Your first step is to choose a reputable online store.

  • Check the testimonial page of the website for remarks posted by customers.
  • Look how the display of necklace with cross is organized. Good stores always display different assortments of necklaces in different sections.
  • Though prices of similarly designed cross necklace for women may vary slightly from one store to the other, you should stay away from sites that offer their wares at highly discounted prices.
  • Speak with the customer service personnel and seek his help in searching a specific type of Christian cross necklace. The staff of a reputable store will always be available for helping customers. Stay away from stores that do not have customer service personnel.
  • Check for hidden prices. Reputable stores like that of ours always include shipping, handling, and insurance costs with the price of our products.
  • Check the return policy of the store. Smythe Jewellery has a specific return policy in place. If you receive a defective item, if the cross necklaces you received do not match the one displayed on our online shop, or in the unlikely event that you do not like our products, return the same to us and we shall refund your purchase amount.
  • Check for the hallmark certifying the quality of the silver chains and pendants and demand a certificate for the same issued by the assay office.

Why choose us?

Though there is no dearth of reputable stores selling such necklaces, why should you purchase your requirement from us? Unlike others who use a single mould for creating hundreds of impressions of the same design, we only make a limited number of each design. This eliminates the chance that the wearer is likely to find someone else wearing the same type of cross necklaces.

Combining modern technology with inherited ancient skills

We are one of the few that employ in house designers for designing our necklaces. All of our artisans are masters of the art, having learned the tricks of the trade, passed on from one generation of their family to the other. We use costly 3D jewellery CAD software, which allows the designers to view the structure of the cross on the monitor from different angles, and test its tensile strength. If they detect any flaws in the design, they rectify it immediately. The artisans receive the design only after a senior designer approves the draft. This guarantees a flawless design and ensures that the product will last for ages. The quality of our crosses is such that they will last for generations.

Nothing is impossible

Although we religiously study the latest fashion trends, and employ the latest designing software to create new and eye catching cross and chain necklace, chances are that you might have come across a special design, which we do not have in stock. In such circumstances, scan the design if you have found it on a fashion magazine or take a photograph of the same if you have found someone else wearing it, and upload it to our website. We shall provide you with a quote within a few days. We spare no efforts to please our clients! That is why they return to us for their requirements of cross necklaces for women repeatedly.

Integrating pop up images

We realise that more and more people use smartphones to purchase their requirements while on the move. Keeping this in mind, we have included pop up images on our site. This allows you to magnify a jewellery piece when you hover your mouse pointer over it or when you press the design on the screen of your smartphone. This comes in handy when you want to look at small jewellery pieces such as our small cross necklace in details. To ensure that you view the piece in its entirety we provide its image from three different angles:

  • Front profile
  • Left profile
  • Right profile

We offer a wide range of designs to choose from, to ensure that you do not return disappointed. Some of our popular designs include:

  • Plain: This is a simple and straight design, devoid of any frills, and available in different sizes. The small one is ideal for those who are looking for a tiny charm hanging as a discrete pendant around the neck. Those wanting to make a statement should choose the large one.
  • Engraved: These types of cross necklaces were extremely popular during the Victorian era. Our stock collections are available, engraved with different types of patterns. The buffed and frosty surface on a shiny background enhances the beauty of the pendant, whilst the engraving adds dimension to it. We can custom engrave it with words of your choice. This is an ideal gift for your loved one since you will remain close to her heart as long as she wears it.
  • Heart & Cross: A must for those who love the Lord. This necklace contains of a cross, fixed sidewise on a heart. Whilst the heart contains an engraved serenity prayer, we can engrave your name or that of your loved one on the cross. If you so want, we can fix a precious or semi precious stone on the top of the cross.
  • Monogrammed pendant: This is ideal gift by companies to their clients. It consists of a cross with the emblem of their company attached at the cross section. Although we keep a few pieces on display, we only make them in bulk quantities. Why not get a monogram of your family attached on them and present them to the members of your family? To enhance their look, we suggest that you use a frosted finish emblem on a shiny cross.
  • Heart on cross: This consists of silver cross with tiny diamonds embedded on it along with a golden heart hanging atop it. This is one of the most popular cross necklaces for women in our inventory.
  • Twisted ring cross: This consists two silver pieces, twisted and curved into oval shapes and soldered on top of each other to form a cross. Tiny diamonds, which adorn the outside edge of its body, enhances its elegance. This is best worn on a short silver string so that it hangs just above the ribcage.
  • Sideways cross: This pendant has the cross hanging sideways on the string. The length of the cross determines the gap between the strings.
  • Crucified Jesus: Show your faith for the Lord by wearing this pendant which has a silver replica of Jesus crucified on a cross.

Made as per order

These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. All of the above are available in different purities of silver. We can also plate them with gold if requested. You can also opt for gold versions of these crosses. We can also decorate them with semi precious or precious gems as per your request. We cross check each item carefully before despatching via insured post.


We also stock a wide array of chains made from silver or gold for hanging these crosses. We provide a lifetime guarantee on each of our product. In the event that they get damaged in the course of normal tear and wear within a certain period, we shall repair them for free. We typically use 14 carat gold or sterling silver for making our jewellery. Sulphur dioxide present in the atmosphere blackens silver. To prevent this from happening and to prolong the lustre and sheen of our products, we apply a coating of rhodium on them.

Love and care

We wrap each piece in lint free tissue paper then pack them in velvet lined jewellery boxes to protect them oxidising due to contact with the atmosphere. We also include a warranty along with a card containing details of the type of metal and gems used in the product you ordered along with its date of manufacture.


It has come to our notice that certain dubious companies, taking advantage of our reputation, sell cross necklaces for women under our brand name. Remember, we never send newsletters promoting our latest products without your prior permission. Instead of clicking on a link embedded in a newsletter type in the address bar of your browser to visit our store. We have hosted our website on a secure server to safeguard the privacy of our clients. This ensures encryption of sensitive data, such as your credit card’s details during transmission from your PC to our server. This prevents hackers from gaining access to your private data.

Club advantage

Why do you not become a member of our exclusive club? This will provide you with an opportunity to discuss latest fashion trends with other members. As a member, you can also participate in weekly contests and win fabulous prizes. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter. This allows you to stay a step ahead of others because we inform subscribers about our upcoming products including various types of necklace with cross. The best part is that we do not charge any fee for joining our exclusive club. Who knows, with a bit of luck you might find your name on the competition winner’s list.

Online shopping pleasure

We have designed our online shop keeping you in mind. You can search for items using individual parameters or a combination of them. This implies that you can search for cross and chain necklace by price, by size. A better and simpler approach would be to set your price range and view the different cross necklaces available within that range. Visit our site today and view the wide range available. Instead of claiming to be the best online cross necklace store, we would prefer that you pass that compliment to us. We are confident that you will do so by leaving your positive comment on our testimonial page after you have visited our online shop and purchased your requirements from it.[/read]