Buy Darth Vader cufflinks online from Smythe JewelleryNothing quite says class like royal clothing and being ruler of the galaxy. You rarely get a chance to mix the accessories of 16th Century French aristocracy with the big wigs of science-fiction history – in fact, you’ve probably never considered the blend. But there’s a lot you can get out of mixing chic with culture, high standards with hobbies and formal dress with humour. And there’s no better way to do it than with a pair of personalised Darth Vader cufflinks.

You don’t buy an item like these to wear to your sister’s wedding – unless she’s a major fan of the movie franchise, that is – but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack them out at every other opportunity. They give you the opportunity to lower the tone of a suit at an occasion where bit of light informality suits the atmosphere. They allow you to show off your sense of humour and personality without needing to utter a word. And more than anything else, they prove to all those around you what a total sci-fi geek you really are: a title you can carry with pride.[read more=”Read more.” less=”Read less.”]

When to wear a quality pair of Darth Vader cufflinks

When shouldn’t you wear a pair of Darth Vader cufflinks? Okay, we accept there are occasions when such novelty items may not be quite as appropriate. Attend your nan’s funeral, a court hearing or your own wedding sporting one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time on each wrist and there’s a fair chance you’ll get scowled at by a few people in the room. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you can feel like a fallen Jedi and get away with it.

Take a night out with the lads, or a bonding evening with colleagues from work, for instance. Undoubtedly you’ll want to look sharp and present yourself well, which is why a decent shirt and maybe even a suit jacket could very well be on the cards. Yet this is a social occasion nonetheless, and too much formality could kill the vibe. Alternatively, go too informal and you look like you’re not really bothering. A nice balance needs to be struck, and a pair of Darth Vader cufflinks from Smythe Jewellery can be that middle ground.

They carry the suave, elegant connotations that cufflinks have held for centuries, while also bearing the nerdy excitement of the Star Wars franchise. They’ll provoke a laugh while also holding together a smart look comfortably. That’s a blend you’ll struggle to get with any other item of clothing.

What to wear them with

As much as we’d love to suggest a giant black cape and metal breathing helmet, we’re sad to admit that most people probably don’t own either. Or at least they wouldn’t be allowed to wear them on an average day to work.

Cufflinks almost always get worn alongside smart shirts and suits, partly for the fact that they are a classy accessory that only really work with equally high brow clothing, and partly because there needs to be a couple of holes to put them through in order for them to work. It is often recommended that you should wear a shirt with French cuffs, as these are considered the best design to match a pair with. However, given the more informal nature of these planet-hopping items, whatever shirt fits the formal-informal blend we described earlier is probably going to suit them the best.

Benefits of having personalised cufflinks

So we’ve covered the reasons why a pair of Darth Vader cufflinks will help you rock a social gathering, while occasionally explaining why you are choking a hapless, uniformed guard to death. However, many of their benefits are the same as those of all personalised cufflinks, which carry universal traits that give all of them more of a meaningful purpose.

For starters, if you have an item that includes a message, attachment or design that is specific to you, it gives it a certain sentimental value that transcends its price tag. This can often be down to the deep and important connotations behind it – for instance, the time and date of your child’s birth – but it can work just as well for something more frivolous like a hobby, a personal interest or an in-joke. On a similar level, if an item carries greater sentimental value then it becomes a more important gift if you were to ever pass it on.

Not only does it allow the accessory to carry a greater value, but it enables you to showcase it also. Cufflinks are on your wrists wherever you go, visible to all you meet. If you have a passion that you want everyone to know about – or just one that you’re happy to let others notice – then it provides an ideal opportunity to get it out there in a casual, non-confrontational manner.

The showcasing itself also has its benefits, especially at social events and with new colleagues at work. Sparking up a conversation in such situations can be awkward, especially if you haven’t got the gift of the gab. As such, having a pair of galactic cufflinks to grab someone’s attention is an ideal way to get the words flowing. Not only that, but it also helps steer the conversation onto the movies which – if you’re wearing a pair of Star Wars cufflinks in the first place – is something you’ll most likely be happy to talk about all night long.

Engrave your name to stake your claim

One method of personalisation that gets used quite often with cufflinks is engraving your name onto a pair. You could do this a variety of ways, either by putting your initials on both, having only the surname on them or having both names, one on either side. Whatever choice you go for, you’re certainly going to know which ones are yours.

All of this is helpful to do if you want to add to their sentimental value, as not only will they carry an attachment which conforms to your interests but they’ll be completely unique to you as well. And even though they may be a bit whimsical – what with the joint-leader of the galaxy standing on top of them – if they contain your surname, then they could become a family heirloom over time, being passed from father to son with each generation.

On a more practical level, it’s very hard to lose a pair of darth vader cufflinks at the best of times, but adding that extra bit of detail makes it all the more likely that you’ll always be able to find your own. Although this may not be particularly useful at most events – unless you attend many science fiction expositions where Sith Lord costumes are a common choice – it will come in handy if you ever lose them in public and need to put a message online or in the newspaper asking for people to return them.

When to give cufflinks as a present

Of course, you needn’t always buy cufflinks just for yourself – they can be given as a present also. Yet like many other types of gifts, there are certain occasions when such an unusual pair are more appropriate to give than at others.

As mentioned earlier, Darth Vadar cufflinks aren’t the most formal attire to pass on to others, which is why they may not be best suited to major moments in a person’s life. Weddings, homecomings – for these events, find something else. But for the odd birthday, an exam present and other more low key occasions, they can be a very fun, personalised gift to receive.

Materials cufflinks can be made out of

It’s not just what’s on the cufflink that matters: you also have to consider what your item is made out of. And there’s a far bigger selection than you’d imagine. Here are some of the most common minerals and rocks your cufflinks could be fashioned from:

Gold: The richest and the most noble of all materials, gold carries the strongest connotations of class of any other kind. With a surprisingly soft texture, it is noted for its particularly strong density as well as its shiny, glimmering aesthetic when placed against light.

Platinum: Often associated with high quality services and products, it’s no surprise that this material is best suited to big events and formal occasions. Although its look and connotations are most important, it also has its practical uses too, being particularly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Glass: A very durable material which lasts a lifetime, glass is very good value for money. With an amorphous, transparent image, it has a unique edge to it that separates it from the rest, a quality that is only magnified by the fact you can manufacture it in various different colours. [/read]