Buy Darth Vader cufflinks online from Smythe JewelleryNothing quite says class like royal clothing and being ruler of the galaxy. You rarely get a chance to mix the accessories of 16th Century French aristocracy with the big wigs of science-fiction history – in fact, you’ve probably never considered the blend. But there’s a lot you can get out of mixing chic with culture, high standards with hobbies and formal dress with humour. And there’s no better way to do it than with a pair of personalised Darth Vader cufflinks.

You don’t buy an item like these to wear to your sister’s wedding – unless she’s a major fan of the movie franchise, that is – but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack them out at every other opportunity. They give you the opportunity to lower the tone of a suit at an occasion where bit of light informality suits the atmosphere. They allow you to show off your sense of humour and personality without needing to utter a word. And more than anything else, they prove to all those around you what a total sci-fi geek you really are: a title you can carry with pride.Read more.