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The Development of the Stylised Heart as a Romantic Symbol

There are several ancient stylised symbols that have recurred through the centuries. One of these ancient symbols is the heart. We must search through history to discover when the stylised shape of the heart became the iconic symbol for love. The Victorians love to embellish this heart shape in many romantic ways for decoration and jewellery. While it was popularised in the Victorian era, however, it did not originate there.

The Heart as a Christian Symbol

According to the Roman Catholic Church, in the late 1600s Saint Margaret Marie Alacoque had a vision of this stylised heart shape with a crown of thorns surrounding it. Yet centuries earlier this heart symbol was incorporated into a number of beautiful stained glass windows to represent the soul of Jesus. The symbol itself is now known to be even older than this era.

Resemblance to the Egyptian Ab

In the beliefs of ancient Egyptian times, the ab represented the “heart soul”. In Egyptian lore, the heart symbolised one of the seven souls. It was the soul taken from a mother’s heart and, as holy lunar blood, descended to return to the mother’s womb in the form of her child.

The Stylised Heart as a Symbol of Erotic Love

Traveling as far back as seventh century BC, historians discover the heart symbol’s link to erotic love. This occurred in the city-state of Cyrene in North Africa. Here was grown a valuable species of the fennel plant named Silphium. The farming and trade of this plant made Cyrene one of Africa’s richest cities in the time before Alexandria was founded. Its value to the area was so great it was harvested into extinction.

Silphium only grew in the small upland agricultural zone around Cyrene. Its trade was of tremendous commercial importance to the city. According to ancient accounts, it was one of a few certain plants known throughout history as natural effective birth control. An ancient stylised symbol of the human heart was found on Cyrene’s coinage, which also included a Silphium seed pod in its design and thus connecting the two ideas.

The Development of Pendants as Jewellery

One of the earliest forms of jewellery for body adornment was a pendant. A pendant is a free-hanging piece of jewellery. From the Old French term “pendre” and the Latin “pendere”, both of which mean “to hang down”, a pendant is usually attached with a tiny loop of some material to a necklace. Even primeval man would make a small hole in a pretty rock and hang it on a string of vine or grass around the neck. Other indigenous material such as shells would be used as well.

In ancient Egypt it was the custom of the Pharaohs to wear scarab beetle pendants as a symbol of their power and wealth. Persons of nobility and royalty in ancient Egypt also wore a specific type of pendant known as a cartouche for the same reason.

The Development of Various Types of Pendants

Over the course of history pendants have evolved into a variety of forms designed to serve different specific purposes. The functions of pendants include:

  • Protection: in the form of religious symbols and amulets
  • Ornamentation: as jewellery
  • Ostentation: as a sign of wealth
  • Awards: for military, political and civic services and offices
  • Identification: symbols of various beliefs, such as religious or utilitarian purposes (dog tags)
  • Self-Affirmation: name or initial pendants

Specialised pendants also include lockets. Lockets open to reveal some token or image dear to the wearer.

Special Types of Pendants

The amulet may be found in many forms but the pendant is the most common one. It is usually w worn around the neck. The amulet is believed to possess spiritual or magical power that protects the one who wears it from evil or danger.

A talisman is worn to confer special powers or benefits upon the one who wears it. It is similar to the amulet as it is believed to hold supernatural characteristics. The chief difference is that the amulet is only a defensive device while the talisman actually confers specific benefits to the wearer.

The medallion is usually a coin-shaped pendant worn around the neck. Sometimes it is pinned to apparel. Medallions are usually given as recognitions, awards or as tokens of religious blessings.

A locket is a pendant that opens up to reveal a place that holds a small item, typically a painted miniature (in the days before photography) or a photograph (in more modern ages). Though occasionally formed into a pin or hung on a bracelet, they are usually found in pendant form hanging on a necklace.

Heart Shaped Pendants and Lockets

This classic love symbol has a long and interesting history dating back, as we have seen, to the seventh century BC. Heart pendant necklaces and heart shaped lockets are popular jewellery choices today both for giving and for wearing.

Famous Heart Necklaces in Films

The heart symbol in jewellery is so iconic it appears in the jewels of royals and commoners alike and is celebrated in film. Two outstanding examples of heart necklaces for women that have been featured in film include:

The Ruby and Diamond Heart Necklace

In the movie Pretty Woman starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, Gere presents Roberts with a gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace to wear to the opera. The actual necklace was created with 23 rubies set amid hearts that are diamond encrusted. These pear-cut gems are set in 18K white gold. Custom created by French jeweller Fred Joaillier, the valuable necklace is worth more than such a piece would normally bring because of its appearance in this movie. The value of the heart necklace is estimated to be between £440,000 and £1,000,000. It may even be worth more to the right collector.

The Heart of the Ocean Necklace

There is a fascinating history that is both real and fictional behind the conception of the beautiful blue diamond heart necklace worn by actress Kate Winslet in the film Titanic. The actual inspiration for the heart-shaped gem is the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond, a 45.5CT blue diamond, was originally a part of a royal necklace belonging to France’s King Louis XIV. In the film, the stone’s history is changed to that of a blue diamond from Louis XIV’s crown that disappears after the king’s execution. It is eventually recovered and cut into its heart shape to become the famous Heart of the Ocean.

While a necklace know as the Heart of the Ocean is a work of fiction, both the movie and the necklace were said to be inspired by a shipboard tragic love affair that involved a sapphire necklace of great value. In the film the heart shaped blue diamond is said to measure 56 carats, larger than the Hope Diamond upon which it is based. The Hope Diamond is currently valued at £250 million. Around the Heart of the Ocean diamond are small white ones on a necklace that is diamond-studded. Evaluators conclude that if the Heart of the Ocean necklace was truly real and composed of a 56CT diamond surrounded by colorless diamonds, its value would be greater than that of the Hope Diamond at an estimated worth of from £250 million pounds to £300 million pounds.

When to Give Heart Shaped Jewellery Pieces

When one thinks of a gift of heart jewellery, Valentine’s Day first comes to mind. While presenting your love with a beautiful love heart pendant necklace on this holiday is entirely appropriate and appreciated, there are many other occasions for the gift of love expressed in love heart necklaces and other heart pieces.

When in a generous and giving mood, when wishing to surprise a loved one, or to recognise and remember a special occasion, there are other opportunities for a gift of heart pendant jewellery. These include:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Mother’s Day
  • The Birth of a Child
  • Work Achievement
  • Personal Achievement Milestone
  • Engagement
  • To say “I’m Sorry”
  • Recognition of a date special to you and your loved one

As you can see, the gift of a heart shaped pendant or other jewellery piece is always an appropriate gift. Whether given for a special reason or no special reason at all, heart jewellery is always appreciated and worn with pleasure.

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